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Our Architectural Expansion Joint Systems blend aesthetically appealing finishes with high performance-tested materials and safety features (i.e. fire rating and ADA compliance). Complete systems are available for floors, walls, ceilings and building exteriors. Expansion Control - 4specsExpansion Joints / Architectural - Aesthetics, innovation and durability are the hallmark of MM's line of floor, wall, ceiling and roof joint cover systems. Engineered systems include features that are ADA compliant, fire-rated, waterproof, no-bump and heavy-load designs capable of thermal, seismic and wind-sway movement.

Expansion Joint Covers - Style CF EJ - Curb to Wall

Expansion Joint Covers - Style CF/EJ - Curb to Wall. Elastomeric membrane bellows supported by a closed cell foam backer. Features and Components:Expand-O-Flash expansion joint covers are flexible, weather-proof exterior covers for expansion joint openings and are an effective, flexible closure for a wide variety of standard and special Expansion Joint Covers Product Selector Commercial Expansion Joint Covers Selector. CS Expansion Joint Covers (EJC) offers many types of joint covers. This page displays all our joint cover models for the selected category. Expansion Joint Systems - NystromExpansion Joint Systems. Nystrom's expansion joints are manufactured to solve a variety of expansion joint scenarios. Custom sizing, materials, and color finishes ensure that whatever you need for your project, we've got you covered. Our commercial building products are shipped direct from our central manufacturing facility or from one of our

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EXPANSION JOINTS nullJoint covers Aluminium stainless steel and PVC expansion wall ceiling and floor expansion joint covers held by clips, adhesive or fasteners for joints from 10 mm up to 500 mm width. null Floor expansion joints with flexible insertSpecom offers a full range of floor expansion joint products, all-metal or with flexible inserts, for both light use and heavy duty expansion Expansion Joints - SikaStadium expansion joint solutions - watertight from foundation, to concourses, to walls, seating bowl and roof. Learn more about stadium expansion joints Expansion joints for buildings, horizontal & vertical EXPANSION JOINTS. Discover all our expansion joint systems for buildings :joint covers and sealing profiles, horizontal & vertical expansion joints for walls, façades and ceilings, floor expansion joint systems with flexible inserts, full-metal floor joints, parking joints, seismic joints and roof joints. Among our wide range of expansion

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Jan 12, 2021 · A floor and wall expansion joint, QuickCover is a rapid install, elegantly simple, aesthetically versatile coverplate system for new and retrofit floor expansion joints. QuickCover is supplied in 10-LF lengths and is a composite assembly of precompressed foam that flanks a vertical spline descending from an integral coverplate. SEISMIC EXPANSION JOINT SYSTEMSless transition from floor to wall expansion joints that ensures a harmoneous architectonic impression. The most innovative prod-uct in this range is the WSP that can be tailor-made to perfectly to suit your indi-vidual needs. Roof expansion joint systems (Roof) Migua roof expansion joints feature highest function-ality. The designs allows for Stainless steel expansion joint - All architecture and aluminum expansion joint SRFL. stainless steel roof waterproof. aluminum expansion joint. SRFL. Possible movement:375 mm. ROOF JOINTS FOR MOVEMENTS < 375 MM The SRFL roof joint is movable in any direction and accommodates thermal and seismic movements. The aluminum cover is suitable for flat and pitched roofs.

Why Your Concrete Floor Needs An Expansion Joint

The depth of an expansion joint is usually one fourth of the slab thickness, or more if necessary. The expansion joint gap depends on the type of slab, like floating slab floor, vehicle pavement, sidewalk, or monolithic slab foundation. It is also influenced by the slab dimensions, type of concrete, and the reinforcing materials being used.Roof expansion joints, roof to wall expansion jointsRoof waterproof expansion joint suitable for roofs and carparks. Very flexible, and suitable for use with hot asphalt, it is compatible with PVC, EPDM and other waterproof membranes. For indoor and outdoor floor joints with a gap up to 80 mm. Suitable for waterproofing, generally by meeting the waterproofing system of the construction.