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units (Classified Steel Floor and Form Units) are shown as having a galvanized finish or a painted/painted finish. These classified deck units have been evaluated for use in these specific designs and found acceptable. D. Sheet steel for accessories shall conform to ASTM A653 / A653M, Structural Steel CMF Metfloor Composite Metal Decking Brochure12 13 MetFloor® is registered trade name for Composite Metal Floorings Decking profile product range which has been created with over 30 years of experience in the metal flooring market. All MetFloor® profiles are manufactured from steel strip which complies to BSEN10143 and

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Gauge options of 0.75mm to 1.20mm to suit the particular span. Propped spans over 6.50m are also possible using bottom steel. Cost efficient:large spans achievable mean less structural steel is required reducing the overall construction cost. concrete usage means that ComFlor® 80 is very economical compared to similar decks.. Composite Slabs and Beams using Steel Decking:Best Although most commonly used on steel framed buildings, composite slabs may also be supported off masonry or concrete components. A typical example of the decking layout for a composite floor is shown in Figure 1.1. The lines of shear connectors indicate the positions of the composite beams. Figure 1.1 A typical example of composite floor FLOOR DECK DESIGN GUIDE - Structural Steel Roof and 6 V1.0 Composite and Non-Composite Design Guide ascsd 1.2 Product Offer ASC Steel Deck offers a robust selection of products. Our lightweight composite and non composite steel deck profiles have depths that range from 7 8" to 71 2". Panel lengths range from 3'-6" to 45'. Steel

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Insulated Wall Cladding. A composite panel is a simple sandwich of a metal profile outer sheet, insulation filler and an internal liner. Insulated composite panels are an ideal one stop solution to insulate and clad your building. We offer Kingspan KS1000RW composite cladding manufactured to your specification delivered direct from manufacturing. Profiled Metal Roofing Design Guide - MCRMALiner sheet 0.4 0.5 Walkable liner sheet 0.7 0.9. 3. These fasteners are designed to transfer all loads composite Metal sheet to hot rolled steel Metal sheet to timber. Self drilling and tapping Self tapping Self drilling stitcher screws Rivets Neoprene grommet for rooflights. STEEL Open Catalogue Masdar Sitehr steel sheet 2 mm * 1.22 * 3 m sar 346.93 - sar 6,037.50 HR SQUARE TUBE 200*200*5 MM * 12 M HR STEEL SHEET 1.5 MM * 1.22 * 2 M SAR 178.66 - SAR 6,218.62


L1084 32 Abingdon Villas Page 40 of 70 Pringuer-James Consulting Engineers Ltd BEAM BB01 STEEL BEAM ANALYSIS & DESIGN (BS5950) In accordance with BS5950-1:2000 incorporating Corrigendum No.1 STRUCTURAL DESIGN CALCULATIONSPermanent Load Roof finishes Permanent Formwork F100 Gauge 1.2 350mm thick concrete slab (584+0.05x25) Total permanent load 0.30 kN/m 2 0.19 kN/m 2 7.09 kN/m 2 7.58 kN/m 2 Services General services Variable Load Imposed load on roof (UDL) Imposed load on roof (PL) Construction Load Snow Snow loading in accordance with BS EN 19911 3 Stramit Condeck HP® Composite Slab SystemStramit Condeck HP ® Composite Slab System is generally offered in three standard base metal thicknesses of 0.75mm, 0.90mm and 1.0mm. Other thicknesses may be supplied, dependent on lead times and availability. Stramit Condeck HP Plus End Span Accessory is generally offered in 1.0mm base metal thickness. Negative Reinforcement.

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Composite floor deck. Our composite metal floor deck range offers the ultimate steel decking solution for multi-rise buildings. They provide excellent acoustic performance, fire protection and contribution to thermal mass. ComFlor ® is the most extensive, cost effective and efficient range of composite floor deck profiles in Europe.