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The mechanical characteristics (moveable disc and stationary seat ring) make the SCV globe valve ideal for repeatable pipeline unidirectional throttling applications and frequent operation. The valve design conforms to API 598 and B16.34. Face-to-face and end-to-end dimensions conform to DSI CAST STEEL CARBON AND STAINLESS STEEL GATE, 6 Specifying DSI® API 600 Cast Carbon Steel Valve Figure Numbers HOW TO ORDER DSI® Cast Steel Valves meet all essential safety requirements of the Pressures Equipment Directive 97/23/EC and may be freely marketed in the European Economic Area. DSI® products may be used in applications requiring up to category II product. It's easy to specify DSI® API 600 Cast Carbon Steel Valves.

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Feb 01, 2019 · The plug disk gate valve differs from other gate valves in that it can be used in a throttling service (Figure 4.53). This configuration offers minimum resistance to flow when fully open, a feature common to most gate valves. They are used where minimal pressure drop (unrestricted flow) is required. Sign in to download full-size image Gate Valves MPIThe Double Disc Gate Valve furnished by Kennedy Valve Company offers rugged construction, easy operation, long service life and economical maintenance. They are parallel seat valves meeting or exceeding all requirements AWWA C500. Learn More; Solid Wedge Gate Valve. Kennedy Solid Wedge Gate Valves are available in both NRS and OS&Y bonnet Gate Valves - EnggCyclopediaGate Valves. Gate valves get their name because of a flat or tapered disc that can slide vertically in and out of the path of the flow, at right angles to the direction of flow, thus blocking the flow. The vertical disc which is normally referred to as the 'gate' slides along a track which is also referred to as seat of the gate.

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The disc of a gate valve is entered into a process system and different configurations are specified depending on process requirements. Gate valves can be divided into groups based on the type of disc:double-disc, knife, wedge, and full bore conduit. Double Disc Gate Valve Introduction to Gate Valve - The Process PipingApr 21, 2020 · The gate valve, as illustrated in on the right, generally consists of a gate-like disc, actuated by a screwed stem and hand-wheel which moves up and down at right angles to the flow. In the closed position, the disc seats against two faces to shut off flow. KENNEDY VALVE AWWA Dbl. Disc Parallel Seat IBBM Dec 15, 2009 · Kennedy Valve/Double-Disc GV 9-1 KENNEDY VALVE AWWA Dbl. Disc Parallel Seat IBBM Gate Valves Meet or Exceed the Requirements of AWWA C500 Size Range 2-48 Water working Hydrostatic Pressure psi Test psi 2-12 200 400 14-48 150 300 Available in either, NRS, or OS&Y. Available End Connections & Size Range Figure No.

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(Flowserve) Double Disc Gate Valve, dated January 4, 2013 (ADAMS Accession No. ML13008A321) and the second by Flowserve, Wedge Pin Failure in Anchor/Darling Double-Disc Gate Valve at Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Unit 1, dated February 25, 2013 (ADAMS Accession No. ML13064A012). Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant, Units 1 and 2 Single Disc Gate Valves - Orion ValvesSingle Disc Gate Valves API 6D Cast steel, conduit type pipeline gate valves, single disc, normal acting or reverse acting, outside screw and yoke, rising stem, metal to metal or soft insert seats, removable yoke sleeve, gland repacking under pressure. ACCESSORIES:A lantern ring can be supplied upon request, in this case the stuffing box shall Sliding Gate Valves Schubert & Salzer Inc.Sliding Gate Valves by Schubert & Salzer. Over 40 years ago, Schubert & Salzers sliding gate products were developed as an efficient alternative to conventional control valves. The design is uniquely simple, but is intelligently engineered to tackle complex applications

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  • How It WorksFeaturesBenefitsPeople also askHow does a double disk parallel gate valve work?How does a double disk parallel gate valve work?A double-disk parallel gate valve has two parallel disks that are forced, on closure, against parallel seats by a spreader. They are used for liquids and gases at normal temperatures. On the other hand, the seating force in a single-disk parallel gate valve is provided by the fluid pressure acting on either a floating disk or a floating seat.Gate Valve - an overview ScienceDirect Topics