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A-286 alloy (S66286) is an iron-based superalloy useful for applications requiring high strength and corrosion resistance up to 1300°F (704°C) and for lower stress applications at higher temperatures A-286 alloy is heat and corrosion resistant and can be age hardened to a high strength level. The alloy is also used for low temperature applications requiring a ductile, non-magnetic high Alloy Performance Guide - NeoNickelSuper duplex stainless steel with high strength and high resistance to chloride pitting corrosion and sulfuric acid. Suitable for seawater service with a minimum PRE N of 40. 625 N06625 61 21.5 9 4 Cb:3.6 A high strength (9%) molybdenum nickel alloy with excellent resistance to hot seawater, scrubber environments and reducing acids. 718 NACE

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to 304 stainless steel. Due to slightly different chemical analysis this alloy is less susceptible to loss of corrosion resistance resulting from welding than type 302. Strength cannot be increased by heat treatment. It is available in cast and wrought form. Type 304 is comparable to type 302, but is less Nickel Alloys - Welding Electrodes - Welding Consumables E Ni 6182. DIN M. No. 2.4620. Basic coated electrode with Ni-Cr-Fe type nickel base deposit. Used for repairing and joining of nickel alloys, 5 - 9% Nickel steels, cryogenic stainless steels down to -196°C, Incoloy 800 and other high temperature steels. Provides a weld metal which has a operating temperatures from -196°C to 800°C. Properties and Welding of 2507 duplex stainless steel The 2507 structure is composed of austenite and ferrite, and both The dual characteristics of stainless steel and ferritic stainless steel have a lower thermal expansion coefficient and higher thermal conductivity than austenitic stainless steel. Its pitting corrosion coefficient ( PREN) is greater than 40, and it has high resistance to pitting

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A 941 Terminology Relating to Steel, Stainless Steel, Related Alloys and Ferroalloys. A 1016/A 1016M Specification for General Requirements for Ferritic Alloy Steel, Austenitic Alloy Steel, and Stainless Steel Tubes. E 112 Test Methods for Determining Average Grain Size. E 381 Method of Macroetch Testing Steel Bars, Billets, Blooms, and Forgings Stainless Steels Welding Guide - Lincoln Electricmartensitic stainless steels. Steels with over 0.20% C often require a post weld heat treatment to soften and toughen the weld. 3.3 AUSTENITIC STAINLESS STEEL The austenitic stainless steels contain 16-26% Cr, 8-24% Ni + Mn, up to 0.40% C and small amounts of a few other elements such as Mo, Ti, Nb (Cb) and Ta. The balance between the Cr and Ni UNS (Unified Number System) Cross - Unified Alloys203 EZ Almar, E-Brite AL Tech Specialty Steel Corp. 253MA 3RE60, 316UG, SAF 2205, SAF 2304, SX, SAF 2507, Sanicro 28 Sandvik Steel 254SMO 654SMO Avesta Sheffield 4565S Thyssen Stahl ACI Alloy Casting Institute AL 6X, AL 6XN Allegheney Ludlum Allcorr Teledyne Industries Alumel, Chromel Hoskins Mfg. Co. Chlorimet

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Conversion Chart:Download PDF:Common MIG Wire Feeding Issues Stainless Steel Dissimilar Welding Chart:Download PDF:Stainless Steel Filler Metal Suggestion Chart Stainless Steel Flux Coatings on SMAW Electrodes:Download PDF:Suggested Nickel Alloy Selection Chart:Download PDF:Trouble Shooting Welding Problems for FCAW:Download WELD FILLER METAL SELECTION GUIDELINE FOR Table 2:Austenitic, Super-Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steel Alloys Base Metal 304L SS 304H SS 316L SS Carbon and Low 317L SS 904L SS 6% Mo SS 7% Mo SS Alloy 20Cb-3 2304 Duplex SS 2205 Duplex SS Alloy Steel ABC ABC ABC ABC ABC ABC ABC ABC N N Type 304L Stainless Steel D DE DF DG DC C C DCH NL NL Type 304H Stainless Steel E EF EG * * * ECH * * Welding Technology of Stainless Steel Welded Pipe for Welding Technology of Stainless Steel Welded Pipe for Automobile. The main methods for continuous welding of ferritic stainless steel are:TIG welding, high frequency induction HFI welding, plasma arc welding PAW and excitation welding. High-quality welded pipes are more frequently used for high-frequency induction welding and excitation welding.

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56 rows· Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloy Conversion Chart Availability of Stainless Steel Long ASTM Reference Chart CARBON STEEL ALLOY STEEL. ASTM Reference Chart Grade Pipe Tubing Weld Forging Plate Specs. Specs. Fitting Specs. Specs. Specs. CARBON STEEL High Temp Use A-106 GR. B A-234 WPB A-105 A-53 GR. B Low Temp Use A-333 GR. 6 A-334 Comparison Conversion Chart of Stainless Steel - China 59 rows · X 5 CrNiMo 1712. X 6 CrNiMo 17 12 2. X 6 CrNiMo 17-12-03. 316. X 5 CrNiMo 17 13 3.