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Ballast Compatibility Guide SYLVANIA LED Tubes

SubstiTUBE T5 HE LED Tubes 4 SubstiTUBE T12 LED Tubes 4 SubstiTUBE DULUX L TT5 LED Tubes 5 SubstiTUBE DULUX LED Tubes 5 Type AB T8 (8Ft) LED Tubes 6 DUALescent T8 LED Tubes 6 - 7 ECO LED T8 LED Tubes 6 - 7 Universal Hybrid T8 LED Tubes 8 - 9 Universal Hybrid Circline LED Tubes 9 sylvania Ballast Compatibility Guide SYLVANIA LED Tubes Ballast compatibility guide - PhilipsMar 31, 2017 · LED InstantFit T8 Ballast compatibility guide with EasySmart technology T8 EasySmart Instant-Start Ballasts7 14W 2100lm (4ft.) 46645-8, 46646-6, 46647-4, 46648-2 Manufacturer Ballast ModelSystem Certified1/ Certified2 Philips - Advance ICN-2P32-N System Certified

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SmartDrive T8 Mainstream. SmartDrive T8. (12W /G2 Instant Start Only) SmartDrive T8. (15W /G2 Instant Start Only) ComboDrive T8. ComboDrive X2 T8. U-Bend T8. Ballast Guide to Fluorescent Lamp-Ballast CompatibilityF40T12 and F32T8 Rapid-Start Lamp-Ballast Compatibility + = Exceeding the maximum value may cause a problem. = Failure to meet the minimum value may cause a problem. NA = Not applicable. a Also applies to T10 lamps. b For starting capacitors 0.080.12 µf (microfarads); 315 V for starting capacitors rated at 0.040.06 µf. LED T8 Tubes - TCP ILED T8 Tubes GENERATION 3 LED IOTA I-320 IOTA EMERGENCY BALLAST Compatibility Guides TCP Thanks to our cutting edge technology and manufacturing expertise, we have shipped billions of high quality lamps. Our integrated technology and manufacturing provides expedited time-to-market. With TCP, you

LED Tubes Ballast Compatibility - GE Lighting

LED Tubes Ballast Compatibility. Download LED tubes ballast compatibility information for fixtures and lamps. Download PDF. GE Lighting, a Savant company. GE Lighting, a Savant company specializes in creating optimal lighting solutions for every space in your home. Learn more. Footer menu. C by GE is now Cync. LED lamps - SignifyOct 01, 2020 · LED lamps InstantFit LED Ballast/Driver Compatibility Guide Contents Type A T8 Instant-start other 1 T8 UniversalFit 1 T8 FlexFit 1 T8 Instant-start 4ft 2 T8 Program start (FO) other 9 T8 Program start (FO) 4ft. 10 T8 Dimmable Ballasts 13 PL-L Ballasts 14 Emergency Ballasts 15 Type C InstanFit Drivers 16 Type A PL-C / T Ballasts 4-pin 17 Our guide to finding the right LED tube, every time Apr 15, 2019 · Exceptional ballast compatibility · UL Type A HF+ LED tubes measure 4 with options to fit T8 or T12 sockets · T8 (tube and ubent) linear bulbs work with most instant start electronic ballasts · T12 linear bulbs work with most rapid start magnetic ballasts · Compatible with 50% more HF electronic ballasts vs competition

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Compatibility Charts. Philips LED Dimmer Compatibility Chart. Philips Low Voltage (MR16/MRX16) Transformer/Dimmer Compatibility Chart. Philips InstantFit LED Lamps Ballast Compatibility Chart. CFLi Dimmer Compatibility Chart. MasterConnect / EasySmart Ballast Compatibility Guide. Replacing T8 Fluorescent Tubes with T8 LED TubesAug 25, 2016 · Many T8 LED tubes are now compatible with electronic fluorescent ballasts. In other words, the ballast works directly with a driver that is inside the LED, making installation is easy. Assuming the fluorescent lights you're replacing are run by an electronic ballast (rather than an old magnetic ballast), it's a light bulb swap like any other. T8 Ballast Compatibility - Halco LightingT8 Ballast Compatibility Ballast Brand Part Number 1 Lamp 2 Lamp 3 Lamp 4 Lamp Remark 120V 277V 120V 277V 120V 277V 120V 277V Dimming Ballast Version Product Number Product Code 82880 T8FR13/835/DIR3/LED 82881 T8FR13/840/DIR3/LED 82882 T8FR13/850/DIR3/LED

LED T8 Ballast Compatibility Chart

LED T8 Ballast Compatibility Chart 1 Lamp 2 Lamps 3 Lamps 4 Lamps # Of Start Ballast Brand* Part Number Lamps Method 347V 480V 347V 480V 347V 480V 347V 480V Arcata ACT2P32IS347 2 IS - - --Arcata ACT4P32IS347 4 IS - - - -