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Mar 17, 2010 · I used to have Strength shoes in high school. I used to play basketball and run track between '89-'93. Since running and jumping are pretty important to both of those sports, I wanted to get some advantage in that area. A bit of a background on me:In high school, I was known for two major sport-type things Science Gone Mad:PC Gamer:Big Book of FreeMay 29, 2009 · Watch the newsstands! I picked up a special issue of PC Gamer at Wal-Mart last night, wherein it lists 365 games you can find for free on t Urban Dictionary:G4-eyedWhen the G4 logo is a permanent part of your vision due to watching a lot of G4.

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Translate this page[mixi]ABCnative W Alphabetical List ofW way6 What are you up to these days?10 What are your taste buds saying?5 What are your taste buds telling you?5 Urban Dictionary:g4Mar 23, 2005 · A television network that has no soul. Enjoyed acquiring techtv and destroying it in less then a year, g4 is just another exaple of the continuing trend of the dumbing down of america. They fail to realize that, in fact, their target demographics (males 12-34) think the channel is utterly pathetic.