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Analysis and characterisation of WC-10Co and AISI 4340

May 01, 2019 · Cermet and steel material bonding is a challenging task, due to their large difference of physical properties, e.g. coefficient of thermal expansion. In this study, a hot compaction diffusion bonding method was employed to fabricate a small-dimensional bimetallic composite of WC-10Co and high strength AISI 4340 steel, where the cermet was used in powder form and the steel as solid. Coatings Free Full-Text Effect of the Common Solvents The aim of this research was to analyze the influence of the solvents commonly used in flexography on photopolymer and ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) flexographic printing plates and prints. EPDM plates are recommended when the reproduction process includes a higher amount of the solvents or aggressive solvents. Since additional UV treatment of flexographic printing plates could

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Jun 18, 2021 · Journal of Thermal Spray Technology. The Journal of Thermal Spray Technology publishes contributions on all aspects -- fundamental and practical -- of thermal spray science including processes, feedstock manufacture, testing, and characterization. As a leading forum on thermal spray technology, its mission is to synergize the rapidly advancing Making ultrastrong steel tough by grain-boundary Jun 19, 2020 · Ultrahard materials often do not have similarly impressive fracture toughness. Liu et al. discovered a processing route for medium manganese steel alloy in which ultrahigh strength accompanies high fracture toughness. The steel relies on both transformation-induced plasticity and delamination toughening to boost the fracture properties. The steel is composed of less expensive Materials Free Full-Text Enhancing Hardness and Wear Refining microstructure is an important issue for laser additive manufacturing (LAM) of titanium alloy. In the present work, the microstructures of LAM-fabricated Ti6Al4V alloy were refined using a low energy density with the combination of a small spot diameter, a low laser power, and a high scanning speed. The microstructure, hardness, wear performance, and molten pool thermal behavior of

On the martensite transformation kinetics of AISI 4340 steel

Abstract By means of thermal dilatation a AISI 4340 steel was austenitized at some different temperatures in a range from 900 to 1150°C to obtain different austenite grain sizes (AGS), then rapidly cooled to room temperature to obtain martensitic structures. Processing of Polymer Matrix Composites P.K. Mallick The processes include bag molding, compression molding, liquid composite molding, filament winding, pultrusion, and forming. The book then examines the joining and repair processes used for polymer matrix composites. Quality inspection methods, tooling, Machinability investigations on hardened AISI 4340 steel Highlights Need to study machinability in hard turning due to the cost of expensive tool materials. Poor selection of the parameters may cause excessive tool wear and increased work surface roughness in hard turning. Attempt has been made to analyze the influence of cutting conditions on machinability during turning of AISI 4340 high strength low alloy steel using coated carbide insert