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'Asian American Disney Princesses':What If Belle Wore A

All identify as Asian-American. Navoa cites Disneys record as the catalyst for the shoot. She counts five women of color out of a dozen total princesses, a better ratio than Disney grants itself. (The lineup at the official Disney Princess site excludes Princess Kida, the ethnically ambiguous star of Atlantis, yielding a less favorable 5-Year-Old With Cancer Is Bald And Beautiful In Disney A five-year-old girl fighting cancer got to realize her dream this month by starring in her very own Disney princess-themed photo shoot. Black Girls As Disney Princesses. features have

Enchanting Disney Princess Photo Shoot by Belly Beautiful

Photographer Karen Marie of Belly Beautiful Portraits created an enchanting infant Disney princess photo shoot. Snow White. Snow White. The series features six tiny tots from some of the most famous Disney films. Their adorable photos feature handcrafted sets and baby Disney princess costumes. Belle from Beauty and the Beast.Portraits of Black Girls as Disney Princesses PetaPixelAfrican-American Princesses Series is a beautiful portrait project that reimagines the traditional fairy tale princess as young Black girls with their own dash of style and culture. Created by