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Clearspan Roll-up Doors Steel Aircraft Hangars Pre-engineered With Steel Trusses Quick Details 1.With Clearspan, the hangar provides a great large space Cold Formed Steel Floor Trusses Advant Steel LLC Light AdvanT Steel LLC believes that we offer not only the best value/price for Cold Formed Steel Trusses versus C-stud and other Proprietary Shapes but the best value/price for any Non-Combustible Floor or Flat Roof System versus any other product, whether it be structural steel bar joist, concrete, another CFS Truss or even CFS Joists.


6750 Forum Drive Suite 305 Orlando, FL 32821 Ph. 888-565-9181 / Email:[email protected] Pratt & Whitney Hangar - SURE STEEL, INC.As part of the Southern California Logistics Airport, the 250 deep hangar boasts a clear span of 270 and stands 84 tall. Sure Steel was contracted by California Building Systems to erect and install the pre-engineered metal building components, as well as all of the metal roof and wall panels. Quality Prefabricated DIY Metal Building Kit - MIRACLE TRUSSTHE MIRACLE TRUSS ® EXPERIENCE. Miracle Truss ® Buildings are designed for the do-it-yourselfer and are manufactured by quality oriented craftsmen right here in the United States. Miracle Truss ® Buildings hybrid web steel truss buildings are a great fit for almost any need. Our clients love the clear span ceiling as well as the flexibility that the design offers for insulating and finishing.

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The steel structure material is included the H section,I section,Square tube,Circular Tube,Floor decking steel sheet,C section,Z section,Angle iron , Steelbar ,Steel plate. The materials specification ofsteel structure hangar building as follows. Main Structure :Steel Column , Roof Steel Beam , the Materials Q345B Welding H Beam , Yield Steel Fabrication Services Worldwide Steel BuildingsSteel bar joists are excellent for framing floors and roofs and offer many advantages when compared to a wood truss or steel beam. I-Beams:Our metal fabricators produce I-Beams in a variety of sizes and load capacities. Made from steel, the iconic shape that resembles a capital I, I-Beams can be used for support trusses, framework, and more. Steel Trusses Strouds Steel TrussALL AMERICAN MADE Engineered Agricultural Gable Trusses 4/12 Pitch Heavy Duty 2" Angled Steel Painted Black . All Come with 16" overhang past post. $14.95 a foot 12'-40' $16.95 a foot 42'-60' All Lean To/Shed Trusses 1/12 Pitch. $14.95 a foot up to 20' $16.95 a foot over 20'

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We also specialize in all sorts of hybrid structures including using TEKLA. Their execution is par excellence. Steel Shop Drawing Services. Erection Drawings. Shop drawings (steel canopy, steel stairs, staircase handrail, steel carport, steep grating detailing & more) 2D drawings. Bill of materials for steel Tobin Steel : STRUCTURAL STEEL COMMERCIAL Tobin Steel was established in 1978 and is a manufactu rer of rough building hardware and structural steel. We also manufacture seismic connections to engineer specifications and fabricate custom truss steel and hardware, per our customers drawings. Our goal is to provide our customers with the very best in quality, price & service. industrial/hangar projects Hangar Life - AISCThe hangars structural frame consists of steel beams with girts and a factory-insulated metal panel skin. Lightweight concrete floor slabs poured on a composite steel deck were supported by open-web steel joists spanning to wide-flange steel girders from the elevated floors. The hangar doors openings were comprised of typical box

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Aircraft hangars from HONGFENG Steel Buildings are pre-engineered at our factory and delivered to the jobsite as a ready-to-assembly metal building package. They go up in less time than conventional airplane hangar construction and save you up to half in both time and materials off the cost of conventional construction while at the same time