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1.5D Elbow ASTM A403 ASME SA403 Stainless Steel 1.5D Elbow ASTM A 234 Carbon Steel 1.5D Elbow ASME B16.9 1.5D Elbow Manufacturers Exporters India Alloy Steel 1.5D Elbow 45 degree elbow carbon steel pipe fittings weight - Oil Nominal Wall 90° 3R Elbows 45° 3R Elbows Nominal Thickness Approx. Weight, lbs. Approx. Weight, lbs. Pipe Size Standard Wall Extra Strong Wall Center to End (A) Standard Wall Extra Strong Center to End (A) Standard Wall Extra Strong 2 .154 .218 6 3.0 4.0 2.5 1.5 2.0 3 .216 .300 9 . 3R Elbows 90° and 45° STANDARD WEIGHT AND Nominal Wall 90

ASME B16.9 Elbow, Carbon Steel 45 Degree Elbow, B16.9

The 3d elbow has a radius that is 3 times the outer diameter of the pipe whereas the 5 d elbow has a radius 5 times bigger than the outer diameter of the pipe. The carbon steel 45 degree elbow and the SS 90 degree elbow ASME b16.9 are the commonly used ones, but there is also the 180 degree elbow. Bend Classifications 3D vs 3R - Pipelines, Piping and Sep 24, 2014 · 25 Sep 14 08:30. I have been told that a pipeline 3D bend is equivalent to a bend with a radius of 3 x the outside diameter of the pipe, hence 3D. I have also been told that a 3R bend means the same thing as a 3D bend. They are both 3 x the outside diameter of the pipe. A lot of people get confused about the R in 3R. Carbon Steel Elbow, Sch40 Carbon Steel 45/90 Degree Elbow Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings Elbow is a most common type of CS fitting used to join pipe or tubing to allow a change of direction, usually a 90° or 45° angle, though 22.5 Degree Elbow Carbon Steel are also used in piping system. All top manufacturers use Carbon Steel Elbow

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This is the drawing and dimensions data of 3D elbows,butt welding steel pipe fittings ANSI/ASME B16.9.Hebei Haihao Group can manufacture elbows as per standard. Elbow - Piping Study45° Pipe Elbow is also known as 45 bends or 45 ells. The 45° pipe elbow is used to connect tubes at a 45° pipe angle. As the name suggests, this is a pipe fitting device which is bent in such a way to produce 45° change in the direction of flow of the fluid/gas in the pipe. Like a 90° elbow, the 45° pipe elbow also attaches readily Elbow Center Line Radius Chart3R Elbows 90° and 45° STANDARD WEIGHT AND EXTRA STRONG. 3R ELBOWS Energy Specialty Products Inc. Bending Calculators Albina Co Inc. Free Download Here pdfsdocuments2 com. Buttweld Fittings General Butt weld elbows 45 90 and. 3R 3D Fitting Return Bends Seamless Elbows Fitting. SPECIFICATIONS ARCbends. Pipe Fitting amp Pipe Bending 40 Hours

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Approximate Weights (LBS.) for 90° and 45° Elbows and 180° Long Radius Returns. All dimensions given in inches for common diameters and wall thicknesses. Dimensions in accordance with ASME B16.9. Other sizes, schedules and wall thicknesses also available. Long Radius 90° Elbows STANDARD WEIGHT Inches / 30 30.00 29.25 .375 45.00 720 34 34.00 33.25 .375 51.00 926 36 36.00 35.25 .375 54.00 1,039 42 42.00 41.25 .375 63.00 1,420 48 48.00 47.25 .375 72.00 2,000 * Dimensions conform to ASME B16.9 & material conforms to ASTM SA-234 Grade B. Long Radius 90° Elbows STANDARD WEIGHT Inches / Segmentable Elbows - Erne FittingsSEGMENTABLE ELBOWS. Segmentable elbows are elbows with an optimal nominal diameter and guaranteed minimal tolerances, which are produced using a special method involving an internal mandrel. Thanks to the minimal edge offset between the fitting and pipe, not only is the use of expensive pups no longer required, but welding can also be carried

Steel Pipe Elbow (45 and 90 degree) Types & Specifications

Steel pipe elbow is a key parts in a piping system for to change the fluid flow direction. It is used to connect two pipes with same or different nominal diameters, and to make the pipe turn to a certain direction of 45 degree or 90 degree.90° and 45° Long Radius Elbows - ANSI B161 Weights are approximate and based on manufacturers data (where available) for Schedule 40S/Standard fittings. See page 6-6 for further information. Common 90° Elbow 45° Elbow Nominal Pipe Size OD at Bevel Dimension 40S/STD1 Dimension 40S/STD1 in mm in mm kg/piece in mm kg/piece 1/2 0.84 21 1.50 38 0.08 0.62 16 0.04