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(PDF) Chemistry of glass inclusions in olivines of the CR

Renazzo A238, Renazzo 11, 12, and 13) Secondary ions of K, Sc (in some cases), Ti, V, Cr, Sr, Y, Zr, Nb, Ba, the rare earth elements (REE), and Hf were measured Glass inclusions are isolated or form clusters in olivines of in the peak-jumping mode, and elemental concentrations were aggregates, chondrules, or in isolated olivine (Fig. 1). A potential impact melt clast in the Renazzo-like (CR The Renazzo-like (CR) chondrites are considered to be some of the most primitive early Solar System materials (see Davidson et al., 2019 and references therein). While they exhibit the full range of aqueous alteration from ~CR2.7 to CR1, there is minimal

ALH 85085, ACFER 182, and Renazzo-Type Chondrites

Jul 01, 1992 · The mineralogy and chemistry of the unique chondrites ALH 85085 and Acfer 182 (Bischoff et al., 1989, 1992a), Renazzo and the CR-type chondrite Acfer 059/El Djouf 001 (Bischoff et al., 1992b) were studied in detail. Several significant mineralogical and chemical similarities were noted, although some distinct differences are present. Differences:One major difference is the average size of C=C COOH The Evolution of Organic Material Recorded The CR (Renazzo-type) chondrites exhibit a wide range of aqueous alteration. We have investigated the variation in the morphology, molecular chemistry and mineral-organic associations of OM across a range of CR petrologic types in an attempt to constrain its origins Carbonaceous chondrites CR - MeteoritesGeneral:The chondrites of the CR group are named for their type specimen Renazzo, a meteorite that fell in Emilia-Romagna, Italy, in 1824. Renazzo and a few related finds have been initially classified as "type II" CM chondrites. However, the CR chondrites are very different from the chondrites of

Chemistry of glass inclusions in olivines of the CR

Glass inclusions in olivines of the Renazzo, El Djouf 001, and Acfer 182 CR-type chondrites are chemically divers and can be classified into Al-rich, Al-poor, and Na-rich types. The chemical properties of the glasses are independent of the occurrence of the olivine (isolated or part of an aggregate or chondrule) and its composition. Hydrothermal evolution of the morphology, molecular Jan 28, 2018 · Seven CR chondrites were investigated:Queen Alexandra Range 99177 (QUE 99177)least-altered CR, Elephant Moraine 87770 (EET 87770), Elephant Moraine 92042 (EET 92042), La Paz Icefield 02342 (LAP 02342), Graves Nunataks 95229 (GRA 95229), Renazzo, and Grosvenor Mountain 95577 (GRO 95577)most altered CR. The Renazzo sample was provided by Molecular and isotopic indicators of alteration in CR in Renazzo and Al Rais to unaltered glassy mesostasis in other CRs (Brearley 2004). Their matrices contain phyllosilicates, calcium carbonate, sulfides, and magnetite (Weisberg et al. 1993; Zolensky et al. 1993). It has been suggested that the CR chondrites experienced alteration prior to accretion (Ichikawa and Ikeda 1995), however, bulk CR


Introduction:The CR Renazzo-like carbonaceous chondrites (~190 meteorites, are among the most [1]) pristine carbonaceous chondrite classes and preserved almost unaltered solar nebula material [2]. Most CR chondrites experienced only mild, if any, thermal alteration on their parent bodies [e.g., 2, Renazzo :SkyFall MeteoritesNov 08, 2018 · CR2.4 Fell January 15, 1824 44° 46 N., 11° 17 E. At 8:30 P.M. local time in Renazzo, Italy, a bright light was seen and three detonations heard by residents as several stones fell. Three individual stones were recovered having a combined weight of 10 kg, the largest weighing ~5 kg. Renazzo is a brecciated []Renazzo meteorite, Renazzo, Cento, Ferrara Province Renazzo is the prototype for the CR (Renazzo-like) Carbonaceous Chondrites and was the first of only three observed CR falls. However, a number of additional CR meteorites have now been recovered. Tafassasset, recovered from Niger in 2000, has a reported mass of 114 kg.